Whether you’re a large multi-national, a small Not-For-Profit or any other kind of team, the psychological and emotional safety of your people is critical to your success. It’s also one of your biggest non-financial risks.

While organisations now have the necessary physical safety measures in the workplace and recognise the need to improve psychological safety, emotional safety is still largely unrecognised and often unmet.

We can help you to reduce this risk by working with you to strengthen your organisation’s approach to people safety and build safer spaces for everyone within it.

We’ll take you on an enlightening journey to understand where you are right now, where you want or need to be, and help you access the tools to get there.

The outcome is a robust and emotionally safe environment that encourages your people to flourish and your organisation to grow.


There are 3 distinct components to the iCR8 Safety Service model. 

We will help you to discover your organisation's current 'safety' state so that you can see what you need to. You will then learn how to connect the 'left and right brains' of your organisation so that you can make informed decisions about your internal safety direction and the power to recreate this is in your hands. 

Our insights will be used to create a trackable, evidence-based roadmap for improvement that you can use to visually measure and share your safety story with your stakeholders, boards and even your regulators. 

Ensuring that your people are enabled to achieve in a psychologically and emotionally safe space is important.  We empower your organisation, leaders and teams through tailored training programs that are designed to create, nurture and grow the safest possible spaces for all.

See your safety in a  brand new light.

We work with your teams to review your people risk and look at what your unique safety story tells you about this within your own organisation. 

This information can be used by you to create plans and manage your indicators of unsafe practices. We are available to facilitate this process for you.

Improve your safety in sustainable ways.

If you would like a deeper dive into your Review, our Insights team will work with you to tailor your safety story. 

Our  immediately implementable actions work with your existing processes and support your creation of psychologically and emotionally safer spaces for your organisation, your teams and your people.

Take your concept of safety to a whole new level.

Safety is multi-faceted in all organisations and our Programs take you on a journey to strengthen this on all levels.

With programs covering the needs of your people (including a program for families), your leaders, your teams, and your organisation, we can help you to strengthen your own programs and take your culture to another level. See our current program overviews below.