The experiences of studying and being psychologically and emotionally compromised in life have taught us what it takes to be safe in these areas. Life long work on emotions and their impact in daily life has provided a unique perspective on what to do, where these emotions come from and how to work through emotion for yourself. 

Individual programs are available to support employees who deserve a safe environment in every way, every day. These programs were born out of the experience of being unsafe and understanding what was required to enable safety on all levels.  

The iCR8 Safety programs for Individuals are designed specifically for 2 purposes. 

1. To guide and support individuals whose emotional and psychological safety has been compromised.

2. To provide tools that can personally strengthen an individuals sense of emotional and psychological  safety.

We take this seriously and have years of experience in understanding this and developing these tools and programs. 

Everyone deserves to be safe on all levels, at all times.

Are you ready to improve your emotional intelligence in practical ways?

We know that emotions drive how we think and act in our daily lives. 

The Emotion Series groups are a set of different monthly subscription programs, allow people to work through their own emotions on multiple levels. 

Just like us, our emotions are not one-dimensional and we learn about them in a variety of ways. In this instance, 3 separate groups cover:

Each group has a monthly live online session with templates and guidance to support your journey. 

The Emotion Series Groups - Program Information.pptx

Find out more about each group in the program information guide above.

To register for and join one or more of the groups click here.

Safe In Your Self is our Signature program for individuals.

To discover more about the program and what you will learn, watch The Universal Child animation below.

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